Aromatherapy Anti-Aging Clay

Anti-Aging Clay Body Wrap Formula


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Product Description

Reduce the appearance of aging with the powerful combination of body wrap clay and essential oils!

The Anti-Aging Clay formula penetrates deep to remove toxins and impurities below the surface of the skin. With the Anti-Aging formula, essential oils that are known to target aging and creating more youthful skin, are able to penetrate more deeply and help to tone and tighten the skin. 

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There are many different techniques for Body Wrapping depending on the formula you use and the goals you wish to achieve.

Instructions for Dry Mineral

Mix 1 cup of dry mineral per 1 gallon of water, heat and soak bandage wraps.

Follow instructions below for wrapping with bandage wraps.

Instructions for Herbal or Aloe Vera 

Mix 1 cup Herbal / Aloe Vera per 1 gallon of water, heat and soak bandage wraps.

Follow instructions below for wrapping with bandage  wraps.

Instructions for Clay & Mud formula Wraps

Apply the clay or mud formula directly to the body in a thin layer one section at a time.


Some Wrap Technicians choose to wrap with plastic wrap as it is easier to clean up and throw away after use. For Plastic wrap applications, simply wrap the area where the clay or mud was applied with the plastic. Do not wrap too tightly so allow movement.

For bandage wraps, which is more effective for inch loss and detox, use bandage wraps soaked in  hot water or solution. It will take about 15-22 wraps for a full body wrap depending up on how much your client weighs.

It is easiest to take 2 – 3 wraps from the solution and squeeze out the excess water, then start wrapping. Start wrapping at the ankle (or furthest point from the heart for the areas you are wrapping) and wrap toward the heart. Continue to do one body part at a time starting with the legs, then midsection, then arms and upper body.

Bandage wraps can be wrapped loosely (to get the benefits of the solution with heat directly applied to the skin, or can be wrapped with compression. Compression wraps are the most commonly used for detox and inch loss. When wrapping with compression, wrap firmly but no too tightly to allow movement and comfort.

During the Wrap

It is important to keep your client comfortable, warm and provide plenty of water for them to drink to help flush the toxins through the lymphatic system.

Help your client into a sauna suit or sweat suit or provide a comfortable place for them to lay or sit and cover with a blanket. Your client can also perform light exercises such as walking on a treadmill while in the wraps.

After the Wrap

Clients should stay in the wrap for 45 minutes to 1 hour.  Remove the wrap and wipe off any excess residue with a warm moist cloth. Apply the Slender Gel and/or the Amino Spray to nourish and re-moisturize the skin.

Complete Instructions are included in all of our Body Wrap Kits.